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A green colored Fiat 126, collectively known as “Peglica” in the vicinities of former Yugoslavia opened up the fifth annual Kumrovec Rally.  An all time high 70 crews will take part in all activities this weekend, while one all female crew has found their way amongst other starters - Gorana Hunić and Maja Redžić.


Administrative checks, scrutineerings and reconnaisance opened up the day in Kumrovec, but the party moved to Tuhelj in the afternoon hours for two prologues. The event will, however, move back to Kumrovec on Saturday as four special stages will take place.


The weather has been pulling off a Jekyll and Hyde with the organisers with snow and rain in the morning hours, followed by clouds, but the sun showed up just in time for the start of the octane fueled weekend in Zagorje. All’s well that ends well!



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