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FIAHrvatski Auto i Karting SavezZAGREBAČKI AUTOMOBILISTIČKI SAVEZAuto Klub Delta SportKrapinsko-Zagorska ŽupanijaTZ Kumrovec-Desinić-Zagorska SelaTerme TuheljHrvatska Turistička Zajednica



With atractive prologue in Tuhelj and in front of many fans started 7. INA Rally Kumrovec.


The 7th INA Rally Kumrovec started off with an attractive prologue at Terme Tuhelj, 56 crews had applied, but 40 of them were at start.


After first prologue the Croatian crew Krisztian Hideg and Istvan Kerek are leading with time of 2:30,6. They are followed Stefan Fritz and Bernhard Ettle from Austria, who are behind by 0:06.9.


Ranked third are another Austrian crew Niki Meyer-Melnhoh i Thomas Zeiser, who clocked in at 2:38.6.

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