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With atractive prologue in Tuhelj and in front of many fans started 7. INA Rally Kumrovec.


The 7th INA Rally Kumrovec started off with an attractive prologue at Terme Tuhelj, 56 crews had applied, but 40 of them were at start.


After first prologue the Croatian crew Krisztian Hideg and Istvan Kerek are leading with time of 2:30,6. They are followed Stefan Fritz and Bernhard Ettle from Austria, who are behind by 0:06.9.


Ranked third are another Austrian crew Niki Meyer-Melnhoh i Thomas Zeiser, who clocked in at 2:38.6.

Niki Mayr-Melnhof back in Kumrovec to defend title!

Kum 5040 

Actual winner of INA Rally Kumrovec Niki Mayr-Melnhof is coming back to Croatia to defend the title. He will be driving with new co-driver, but he will be aiming high for sure. Special stages of Rally Kumrovec will be the perfect preparation for him, for the next round of Austrian Championship. He took some time to answer some of our questions.


1. You are coming to Croatia once again, after such a dominant win  last year, you will be defending the title. What are your expectations, since you won’t be driving with Poldi Welsersheimb?


First of all thank you very much for inviting me back to beautiful Kumrovec in Croatia. Its been a real pleasure driving in Kumrovec last year and with the sweet win at the end it was an amazing experience for us. As I´m still pretty new to rallying it was my first ever Rallye win, which I will for sure remember for a long time.

Surely I´m a little sad not to come back with Poldi, but he has some important business to take care of! On the other hand with Thomas Zeiser I have a very experienced and professional co-driver on my side, and we already did a lot of testing. 


2. How do you like the concept of the Rally Kumrovec – short itinerary with almost 70% of special stages, not many opportunities to make a mistake and come back later?


It's a very attractive concept which I like a lot. It has very difficult, quick and narrow stages, which leaves no room for any errors. And most of all it's perfect for the fans, which there were plenty last year round. They get very close to the action and because it's such a compact Rallye, they can see a lot of the action.


3. Can you compare the special stages of Rally Kumrovec with the ones in the Austrian championship?


It is very much comparable with the Rebenland Rallye in the Austrian Championship which will take place two weeks later. So it is a perfect preparation for us to get back into the rhythm.


4. You were unlucky at the season opening. How will your retirement at Janner rallye effect the rest of the season?


The technical retirement at the Jännerrallye was very unfortunate, but we learned a lot and I got a lot of confidence in the car now after diving in this very difficult conditions. The whole Drift company Team worked really hard for this Rallye and it was just not meant to be, but we will be back next year even stronger. As it's just the beginning of the season I´m not worried at all, and there are still a lot of points up for grabs.


5. You had a several starts last season with Audi. Will you compete in circuit races this year also?


The plan is to fully focus on rallying this year and not to do a whole championship in GT with Audi. But if anything comes up at the Nordschleife I might reconsider.

Hungary domination in prologue


Day one of the Kumrovec Rally has come to a close with the end of the second prologue in Tuhelj. Crowds of thousands have gathered for the Friday afternoon spectacle, which amassed an all time high 70 crews from six countries.


Antal Kovacs and Gergo Istovics placed first in their Ford Fiesta R5 coming in at 4:44.00, while their countrymen Zoltan Lencse and Tamas Hofbauer, who drive a Ford Fiesta R5 as well placed second. They came in 3.9 seconds later. Slovenians Rok Turk and Martina Lazar in a Peugeot 208 R2 placed third.


While they didn’t maximise their “home field advantage”, Croatians Janos Szilagy and Katarina Husnjak of Autoklub Delta Sport did fairly well coming in fourth.


Of the 70 participating crews, ten of them did not finish today’s prologue. Seven of them retired, while three did not start.


The octane spectacle that Rally Kumrovec has to offer is set to move to Kumrovec today, where four special stages await. A ceremonial start is scheduled for 9:31AM, while the special stages’ actual start is scheduled for 11:09AM.


The specificity of Kumrovec stages lies in a narrow track with many linked curves and crests. Often lots of gravel gets on the asphalt which is put out of the roadside as drivers select the ideal line. For years, the audience recognizes Rally Kumrovec as an event that brings attractive rides with lots of jumps. In the previous four rallies Hungarian driver Janos Szilagyi was the best in such conditions. He has won three times, and in 2013 he had to withdraw after half of the rally due to illness of his co-driver while he held the lead. Daniel Šaškin of Porec has one victory in Kumrovec.



A green colored Fiat 126, collectively known as “Peglica” in the vicinities of former Yugoslavia opened up the fifth annual Kumrovec Rally.  An all time high 70 crews will take part in all activities this weekend, while one all female crew has found their way amongst other starters - Gorana Hunić and Maja Redžić.


Administrative checks, scrutineerings and reconnaisance opened up the day in Kumrovec, but the party moved to Tuhelj in the afternoon hours for two prologues. The event will, however, move back to Kumrovec on Saturday as four special stages will take place.


The weather has been pulling off a Jekyll and Hyde with the organisers with snow and rain in the morning hours, followed by clouds, but the sun showed up just in time for the start of the octane fueled weekend in Zagorje. All’s well that ends well!



President patron of the 5. INA Rally Kumrovec 2016.


Couple of weeks prior to the start of Kumrovec rally organizer recived good news from the president's office. President of the Republic of Croatia Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic has confirmed hers patronage of the 5. INA Rally Kumrovec 2016. The organizer in this occasion called the president to the most famous village in the world to symbolicaly mark the start of the race by raising the Croatian flag in front of the vehicle with starting number 1.



International 5. INA Rally Kumrovec will gather crews from six countries of the region. Nearly 70 crews announced their appearance and the registration process is open until 26. February. On the first day of the competition, on Friday, 4. March, Kreator TV will broadcast live the first special stage which will be held in the parking lot of Terme Tuhelj. After the inital two special stages that will have show-character, scoring part of the competition will be held on Saturday, 5. March at the circular track above Kumrovec. Itinerary is 51.40 km long, out of which 42.54 km will be special stages.




The specificity of Kumrovec stages lies in a narrow track with many linked curves and crests. Often lots of gravel gets on the asphalt which is put out of the roadside as drivers select the ideal line. For years, the audience recognizes Rally Kumrovec as an event that brings attractive rides with lots of jumps. In the previous four rallies Hungarian driver Janos Szilagyi was the best in such conditions. He has won three times, and in 2013 he had to withdraw after half of the rally due to illness of his co-driver while he held the lead. Daniel Šaškin of Porec has one victory in Kumrovec.



More than 60 crews announced their appearance in Kumrovec, entires are still arriving!

Janos Szilagyi


Almost a month prior to the start of the 5. INA Rally Kumrovec 2016, more than 60 competitor crews have entered for the event. With the prevailing 40 crews from Croatia, one-third comes from the surrounding countries - Slovenia, Serbia, Hungary, Italy and Austria. Among the most attractive ones certainly are triple winners Janos Szilagyi and Botond Csanyi with Peugeot 207 S2000, and winner of the Rally Kumrovec 2013 Daniel Saskin with Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X, who is still intensively searching for a co-driver.




The strongest class 1 consisting of the 4-wheel drive vehicles with mentioned Szilagyi and Saskin has another nine crews that will certainly fight for the top standings. Hungarian Sandor Olle has entered with Ford Fiesta S2000, while his compatriots Antal Kovacs and Zoltan Lencse entered with Fiestas R5. Always quick Slovenes Darko Peljhan with Lancer EVO X and Bostjan Logar with Subaru Impreza N14 also entered the event.




Interesting battles are expected in the so-called small classes. Viliam Prodan and Zdravko Drazenovic are coming to warm up for the Mitropa Rally Cup which starts on 18 and 19 March in Austria. With their top prepared Peugeot 208 R2 they will compete for the first time in Kumrovec since 2012 and try to overcome the crest which is among the rally drivers popularly called "Prodan's jump". The main competitors for the top will be Hungarians Sabolcs Borbas and Gergely Harmos in a Citroen DS3 R3T and two other Croatian crews with Mitropa experience Tomas Hrvatin and Marko Stiperski in Renault Clio RS and Ivica Siladić and Jasna Durak in Skoda Fabia R2.




For the first time in Kumrovec appearance of crews from Italy is expected. Acco Lino with co-driver Serena Annapaolo announced arrival with Renault Clio Maxi who, despite the older date of production is still very competitive on tarmac special stages. Angelo Martinis and Silvia Mosena with Citroen Saxo VTS, as well as Stefano Tavano and Dario Andrian with Honda Civic Vti are also on the entry list.




On Kumrovec special stages motorsport fans will be able to see vintage Ford Escort MK1 of Kresimir Ravenscak in one asphalt rally after four years of break. Among the entrants there can be found several interesting historical vehicles such as Fiat 126 od Marko Oto Juricev Martincev, Zastava 850 of Andrej Mrak or Lada 2107 of Gabor Wojtek.




There will be no lack of octane excitements on 5. INA Rally Kumrovec 2016. The prologue in the parking lot of Terme Tuhelj will be held on Friday 4. March, and the rally will continue with special stages in Kumrovec on Saturday. Entry procedure for participation is open until Friday 26 February.



Video announcement:



Accommodation for all participants!

Vijest foto


All participants of the "7. INA Rally Kumrovec 2018" have the possibility of accommodation in Terme Tuhelj, the largest spa and wellness center in Croatia, only 10 km from Kumrovec and 35 km from Zagreb.



More information about accommodation and reservation form you can find here.

New dates and new name for Rally Kumrovec 2016!

rally kumrovec


Motorsport season will start in Kumrovec this year as well, in the first weekend in March. The date is earlier than in previous years, and after a long time a Croatian championship rally will be held in winter. Although in recent years the winter months are above average warm, there is a possibility that Kumrovec will be driven in snow conditions.



Organizers partner this year will be Croatian oil company INA. "For many years INA is one of the biggest sponsors of sport in Croatia, and I'm especially pleased that the rally in Kumrovec was recognized as a well-organized event, which attracts many spectators every year. Oil industry and motorsport make quite logical "marriage" in each country, including Croatia, so I'm hoping that this is just the beginning of long-term cooperation of our club with one of the leading Croatian companies "- said the president of the club organizer AK Delta Sport Dino Deljkić after signing the contract on cooperation.



Pre-registration for the 5. INA Rally Kumrovec 2016 is already opened, and the official opening day for entries for the race is expected from 22 January. Format of the competition remains almost identical to last season's, with minor modifications made at the suggestion of the competitors. On Friday, 4 March, with a live coverage and streaming on Kreator.TV, two revial special stages will be held in the parking lot of our partners Terme Tuhelj, which are preparing favorable conditions of accommodation for the competitors. Saturday features four special stages on the round track accessible in only three minutes walk from the start and finish portal situated in Muzej Staro selo in Kumrovec.



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